9 Best Museums in Lagos, Nigeria

9 Best Museums in Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria is brimming with history, art, and culture that you won’t want to miss out on! Whether you are a tourist or local there are plenty of activities to enjoy. From discovering the best museums in Lagos or marveling at its art scene, this city truly has something for everyone! So if you’re looking for an adventure, come explore all these cultural landmarks in one unforgettable visit. Immerse yourself into an array of artifacts spanning centuries from diverse Nigerian cultures whilst taking part in some exciting historical discoveries too! Discover the hidden gems as well as famous establishments dotted across Lagos which make it such a great destination for people who have an interest in culture and heritage. Let’s explore all the best museums in Lagos, Nigeria!



Discover Lagos’ Rich History: Top Museums to Visit


Exploring the streets of Lagos will give you a glimpse into its historic past as it has experienced many pivotal events and developments over time. To get an even more comprehensive understanding, visitors should check out one of the city’s premier museums which presents Nigeria’s history in detail through engaging displays and remarkable artifacts. With their help, you can uncover how these occurrences have shaped modern-day Lagos throughout centuries.


1. National Museum Lagos

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The Nigerian National Museum in Lagos contains an abundance of art and history from the country. An English archaeologist, Kenneth Murray, established this museum with its impressive collection composed of archaeological relics as well as ethnographic artifacts that illustrate Nigeria’s many diverse ethnic groups and their culture. One can find ancient Nok pieces including a terracotta sculpture known as Jemaa Head which dates back to 500 B.C., while other features include masks depicting various peoples like Yoruba, Ibibio, and Igbo. Not forgetting musical instruments are also on display alongside traditional clay pots, divination bowls plus much more. Visiting this mini upper floor exhibit would be akin to taking a journey through time into Nigeria’s past uncovering secrets preserved for hundreds of years at the National Museum Lagos.


  • Location: Onikan Rd, Ikoyi 102273, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 9:30AM – 3:30PM, Sunday Closed



2. Kalakuta Republic Museum

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The Kalakuta Republic Museum preserves the life and legacy of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, one of Nigeria’s most influential musicians and political activists. Located in his former residence, this museum presents an immersive overview into both Fela’s personal belongings as well as his long-lasting effect on Nigerian music and politics.

Visiting the Kalakuta Museum will give you a greater understanding of Fela’s artistic career combined with how he fought against oppressive regimes while leaving behind a distinct imprint upon Nigerian culture that is commemorated through this memorial space. This ensures that no one ever forgets what role he has played in history or musical heritage!


  • Location: 7 Gbemisola St, Allen 100281, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 11AM – 6PM, Saturday – Sunday Closed



3. Badagry Heritage Museum

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The Badagry Heritage Museum offers an insightful and heartbreaking look into the transatlantic slave trade. Located in the ancient town of Badagry, it houses eight galleries full of historical artifacts that tell stories about those Africans who were taken against their will to be sold as slaves in America. A visit here highlights pre- and post-slavery African heritage while paying tribute to millions whose lives are forever changed by this tragic period.

A highlight at the museum is Serithi Williams Slave Port with its substantial collection related to slavery on display for visitors – providing a glimpse into what was essentially loading docks from which people were shipped away from home never again seen or heard from many times over. Here one can pay homage to ancestors lost while also bearing witness and learning more about all aspects concerning these circumstances (from resistance movements throughout history). This moving experience ultimately helps remind us why standing together matters now even more than ever before. Despite how devastating our past has been thus far combined we stand tall still today!


  • Location: Lander Rd, Marina 103101, Badagry, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 9AM – 5PM



Art Galleries and Creative Spaces in Lagos


The art scene of Lagos exudes the distinct Nigerian culture and dynamism, providing an array of options for all those wishing to immerse themselves in creative experiences. Art galleries displaying renowned masterpieces can be found alongside experimental spaces that support upcoming artists. It is a great way to take part in vibrant local conversations about art.

In this special city, established painters are given just as much attention as up-and-coming talents – with both being welcomed into the flourishing artsy atmosphere offered by Lagos’ various venues. It’s truly of kind opportunity to witness creativity blended with inspiration!



4. The Yemisi Shyllon Museum of Art

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The Yemisi Shyllon Museum of Art is a delight for visitors, as it showcases Nigerian and other African art from different mediums. Founded by Yoruba prince Yemisi Shyllon, the museum holds an impressive collection consisting of sculptures, textiles, photography pieces, paintings ceramics, and installations which provide viewers with insight into Africa’s vibrant culture. A highlight of this remarkable establishment is its 12th-century Ife bronze head. As for historical artifacts, there are works belonging to modern-day artists like Nike Davies-Okundaye or Abiodun Olaku that demonstrate how Nigerian artwork has evolved through time till the present day.

At the Yemi Shyloon Museum, you can learn about fascinating cultural heritage while also being amazed by talented contemporary artworks – making it a must-see spot if you visit Nigeria!


  • Location: FVQ3+5XJ, 105101, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Opening Hours: Monday Closed, Tuesday – Saturday 10AM – 4PM, Sunday 12PM – 4PM



5. Alexis Galleries

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Nestled in the bustling city of Lagos on Victoria Island, Alexis Galleries is a contemporary art haven. Visitors can explore an array of unique pieces from established and up-and-coming Nigerian artists at this extraordinary gallery space. This dynamic destination also offers creative engagement through various workshops and events which provide collectors, artists, and enthusiasts with a chance to connect over their love for art.

At Alexis Galleries visitors will find an ever-changing selection of inspiring works by local talent, a tranquil retreat away from everyday life in Lagos, and an overall unforgettable experience exploring cutting-edge artwork hailing all the way from Nigeria’s capital! Whether you are a passionate collector or someone who simply loves African Contemporary Art – Alexis Gallery provides something truly special for everyone interested!


  • Location: 282 Akin Olugbade St, Eti-Osa 106104, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 10AM – 6PM, Sunday Closed



Colonial Architecture and Historical Landmarks


Exploring the streets of Lagos, you’ll encounter signs that demonstrate how much it has changed over time. The stunning architecture and monuments are all remnants of its colonial legacy, a reminder of what was once only a small fishing village growing into an important urban area. From grand mansions to somber memorials, these symbols give us insight into the city’s history as well as provide clues about the various cultures that have been influencing its development for centuries. By taking in some sites from times gone by we can gain a greater appreciation for what shapes present-day Lagos and where it is heading going forward.


6. Jaekel House

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Lagos is home to Jaekel House, a remarkable colonial-style tropical architecture building that dates back as one of Nigeria’s oldest structures. The house was once the residence of the Jaekel family and now features an onsite mini museum showcasing archives from pre- and post-independent eras with historical artifacts. Inside this delightful structure, guests can find photographs and other relics depicting how Nigeria progressed into independence since its days as a British colony. Visitors will be able to admire intricate craftsmanship while taking in glimpses into Nigerian history at this unique museum housed within Jaekel House – located conveniently amidst all of Lagos’ hustle and bustle!


  • Location: 17 Federal Rd, Ebute Metta 101245, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Opening Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10AM – 5PM, Monday & Sunday Closed



7. Freedom Park

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In Lagos, Freedom Park is an iconic symbol of resilience and transformation. Having been a colonial-era prison prior to its renovation into a national memorial and historical landmark as well as an arts & recreation center, the park now hosts events celebrating Nigerian independence through sculptures and installations that commemorate the struggle for freedom. With a tranquil atmosphere embracing theatre performances or even peaceful walks around it – visitors can enjoy in spectacular experience at this inspiring place with so much history hidden beneath layers of progress made since then. Not only does Freedom Park offer unique insight into Lagos’ story but also serves as a reminder that art plays a key role when comes to dreams about a brighter future coming true one day soon.


  • Location: Old Prison Ground,1, Hospital Road, adjacent St’ Nicholas Hospital, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 10AM – 10PM



Lagos Island: A Cultural Hub


Lagos Island, located in the heart of Lagos, is a lively area known for its cultural heritage and art scene. It features world-class museums and galleries that capture Nigeria’s history through vibrant colors and unique experiences. Along with these traditional attractions are numerous street festivals, offering visitors an opportunity to explore the city’s diversity through exciting activities like music performances and local cuisine tastings.


No matter your interests or preferences, there’s something to discover on this enthralling island, so why not take part in uncovering all it has to offer? From exploring historical sites steeped in antiquity to admiring works from renowned artists. By embarking on this journey you can immerse yourself into Lagos’ fascinating culture as well as create unforgettable memories during your stay!


On top of experiencing everything Lagos Island offers firsthand – be sure also connect deeply with locals who will share their stories about life here full of sights smells tastes sounds beliefs customs past present & future – essentially giving you front-row seats for one spectacular show: The Story Of Life In At The Heart Of Africa… Lagos City!



8. Terra Kulture

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Exploring the gallery or attending a show at Terra Kulture is an incredible way to immerse yourself in Nigeria’s vibrant art scene. This multi-functional cultural center offers locals and tourists alike many diverse experiences, including theatre performances, and workshops, as well as access to artwork exhibitions and a Nigerian-themed restaurant.

This oasis for creative minds provides visitors with unique opportunities to interact with all aspects of Nigeria’s culture while giving them space for dialogue between established artists and fostering new talents within this ever-growing ecosystem that celebrates their heritage. The supportive environment serves not only those wanting exposure but also those seeking collaborative collaborations celebrating creativity throughout its roots – from textile threads through oil-based painting works, displayed both figuratively on its walls alongside artistically crafted porcelainware plates set upon dining tables.


  • Location: Plot 1376 Tiamiyu Savage St, Victoria Island 106104, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 9AM – 10PM



9. National Theatre

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The National Theatre in Lagos is an iconic place that has been central to the cultural life of Nigeria since its inauguration back in 1977. Its unique architecture reflects the important role it plays within Nigerian arts and culture, so it’s certainly a must-visit destination for anyone interested in exploring this world further. Inside you will find amazing performances from renowned playwrights and musicians as well as spectacular dance pieces – all coming together to create an unforgettable experience filled with captivating stories, compelling characters, and awe-inspiring performances. Whether you’re there for one show or planning on making several trips across their diverse program of events. Be sure to prepare yourself for something truly special when stepping inside!


  • Location: Iganmu, Lagos Apapa Local Government, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 8AM – 4PM



Closing Thoughts on the Best Museums to Visit in Lagos, Nigeria


Visitors seeking to experience a unique blend of culture and creativity will be in their element when they travel to Lagos. From its extensive historical background, coupled with modern artistry, this city has much to offer any inquisitive individual, starting with fascinating museums that boast collections from all around the world.


Immerse yourself in an inspiring atmosphere of diverse galleries where you can get up close and personal with talented local artists or take part in one of the vibrant cultural landmarks around town that have attracted attention far beyond Nigeria’s borders. An unforgettable journey awaits! So why not start planning your own adventure now? Explore everything there is about Lagos’ captivating history along with the distinctively artistic flair it presents – for sure it won’t disappoint any avid admirer of tradition-filled journeys!



Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Museums to Visit in Lagos, Nigeria


What is Lagos, Nigeria best known for?

As the heart of African culture, finances, and entertainment, Lagos is renowned for its expanding oil-driven economy. Its dazzling nightlife destinations, coastal resorts, and vibrant diversity make it one of the most rapidly growing cities in the world, a place where entrepreneurship thrives.

Popularly known as home to Nigeria’s movie industry powerhouse, Lagos stands out with all these attributes that give it international influence.



Which area is the most beautiful area in Lagos?

When it comes to a breathtaking experience, Lagos offers plenty of stunning attractions. From Jara Beach Resort and Sencillo Lagos to Hov Beach Resort and La Campagne Tropicana, the possibilities are endless. If you’re short on time Then Praia Dona Ana & Praia do Camilo offer an unbeatable mix of beauty plus convenience!



Where is the biggest museum in Nigeria located?

Located in Lagos, Nigeria, the Nigerian National Museum is renowned for housing an extensive selection of art from the country. This includes a broad range of sculptures and archaeological and ethnographic artifacts. As the largest museum in Nigeria, it stands as an impressive testament to local history that celebrates both traditional culture and innovative creativity.



What are some must-visit museums in Lagos?

When you’re searching for great museums to explore in Lagos, the Nigerian National Museum, Kalakuta Republic and Badagry Heritage are some of the top picks. These establishments present excellent insight into Nigeria’s national heritage as well as its rich history and culture.



Where can I find contemporary Nigerian art in Lagos?

Nigerian art from contemporary times can be observed at the Lagos-based Alexis Galleries and Yemisi Shyllon Museum of Art. These two locations are great sources to explore this type of art in depth.

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