25 Best Restaurants in Lagos

25 Best Restaurants in Lagos

Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city located by the sea, is an international hub. You can taste cuisine from all around the world in the same place. No matter what you crave, Lagos has a spot for you to indulge in your favorite meals. That’s why we have gathered the list of the best restaurants in Lagos, Nigeria. You will find 25 diverse options for you to try out and treat yourself. We’ll share with you the name of the restaurants, their locations, types of cuisine, websites, and social media links (when available). Let’s dive into it!



Best Restaurants in Lagos



1. Salma’s Authentic Lebanese Cuisine

Salma's Authentic Lebanese CuisineIf you have a soft spot for Lebanese, Salma’s is the place to go. Their spicy taste attracts anyone who enjoys authentic Lebanese dishes that make you happy. 




2. THE HOUSE Lagos

THE HOUSE LagosThe House offers a slow-paced and quiet ambiance to enjoy your meal without any rush or distractions from modern life. It also offers occasional music shows to chill while tasting their food.




3. Circa Lagos

Circa LagosCirca is part of Borough Lagos, a chic boutique hotel in the city. Cica’s menu is quite diverse, offering options for all tastes, presented nicely to attract both the mouth and the eyes. 




4. The Grill By Delis

The Grill By DelisCome try The Grill by Delis’ fine meat, with an excellent variety of cocktails to accompany your beef. Book a table in advance and ensure yourself a seat on this great grill.




5. Chef Lu’s Suya and Sides

Chef Lu’s Suya and SidesSuya and Sides have a great variety of delicious fried food, offering “all you can eat” experiences at accessible prices while enjoying its lovely ambiance. 




6. Gaby Lagos

Gaby LagosGaby Lagos is a warm and intimate space where guests can enjoy an eclectic Mediterranean menu and fine wine or artisanal cocktails. Their elegant restaurant, which also has a trendy bar, is bright, casual, and vibrant during the day, and dimmed-light dining at night.




7. Anasbari

AnasbariAnasbari is ideal for a relaxed lunch, weekend brunch, romantic dinner for two, small or large group gatherings, and private events.




8. LH Privé dining Room

LH Privé dining RoomLH Privé is an exclusive membership club located in Ikoyi, Lagos’ most prestigious neighborhood.  LH Privé was founded in 2020 to cater to Lagos’ most discerning individuals, who understand and have an exquisite taste for fine dining, wines, cigars, and a luxurious lifestyle all in one.




9. SEE Lagos

SEE LagosSEE Lagos is a customer-focused brand that aspires to change the game by introducing a world-class breakfast menu and creating a space for business people.




10. Eric Kayser – Victoria Island

Eric Kayser - Victoria IslandIf you crave the best French patisserie, do not hesitate to visit Eric Kayser in Victoria Island to try one of the finest boulangeries from France right in the middle of Lagos.




11. Gidi Burger (Pick -up)

Gidi BurgerFor quick food with taste, you can go to Gidi Burger, a pick-up booth for some of the tastiest burgers in Lagos. They are savory and affordable. 




12. Chapter Lagos

Chapter LagosChapter Lagos has modern Indian cuisine combining tradition with modernity. Each dish has a uniquely Indian flavor cooked with local and international ingredients and techniques.




13. RSVP restaurant

RSVP restaurantRSVP, as its name suggests, is a highly-sought by location, offering to book advance so no one misses the chance of enjoying their fresh-made food with no preservatives or coloring. You can take a look at RSVP’s menu and see it for yourself.




14. Shiro Lagos

Shiro LagosShiro is a Pan-Asian restaurant that serves Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Mediterranean dishes. The restaurant has a bar and a lounge, as well as late-night dining. Shiro has outdoor seating and is well-known for its view of the ocean.




15. Cactus Restaurant

Cactus RestaurantCactus began as a simple bakery and grew organically to become a popular restaurant in Lagos. It still specializes in baked goods but has a whole delectable menu to offer lunches as dinners as well.





LAGOON RESTAURANTSLagoon Restaurant offers four dining options: Asian cuisine restaurant called Lagoon Terrace, fusion SteakHouse that serves French cuisine, grill house called Churrasco, and a pastry house called Marcelino.




17. Z Kitchen

Z KitchenZ Kitchen is an upscale restaurant that offers international cuisine in an inviting setting, with a different space for every mood. From the elegant main restaurant featuring an artfully designed utensil wall, to a refined wine room that invites exploration, or the cozy indoor garden, and a vibrant trendy bar. Take a look at Z Kitchen’s menu.




18. Gurunar’s Viceroy Restaurant

Gurunar's Viceroy RestaurantGurunar’s is a quiet ambiance to enjoy authentic Indian-inspired dishes. They also serve buffet meals over the weekends, giving you the chance to pay less for abundant meals. It’s ideal for corporate events or large groups.




19. B.L. Restaurant, Bar and Cafe

B.L. Restaurant, Bar and CafeB.L. Restaurant specializes in shareable food. Bring your party to enjoy a good pizza, some salads, pasta, appetizers, and many more options to enjoy with your loved ones. Breakfast and lunch options are available as well.




20. Talindo Steak House

Talindo Steak HouseTalindo is located in the heart of Victoria Island and was founded in 2003. A popular choice for those seeking a private setting with premium service and a high-quality dining experience. Take a look at Talindo’s menu and tempt yourself with their steaks.




21. La Veranda Italian Cuisine

La Veranda Italian CuisineIf you are in Lagos and you crave some good pasta or pizza, you can always hit La Veranda. This Italian restaurant offers a chill environment with soothing music for you to enjoy the marvels of Italy’s cooking.




22. Izanagi Japanese Cuisine

Izanagi Japanese CuisineIf you believe Japanese cuisine is just sushi, then think twice. Izangi has an extensive menu of dishes from Japan that have a great presentation. Dining here comes at a cost, but it guarantees a quality-served meal. 




23. Ocean Basket Victoria Island

Ocean Basket Victoria IslandOcean Basket embraces a Mediterranean way of life, where a meal means gathering with family and friends to share laughter, stories, and plenty of food. They serve expertly prepared seafood from the ocean to the pan. Their Mediterranean diet provides variety, flavor, and nutrient-dense foods for everyone. Check out Ocean Basket’s menu.




24. Yellow Chilli

Yellow ChilliYellow Chilli serves hot, fresh gourmet meals as well as spicy local and pan-African delicacies. Through an experiential dining experience, the restaurant’s mission is to preserve and highlight the best of Nigerian culinary cultures.




25. Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock CafeHard Rock Cafe is an international brand, well-known for its Hollywood theming. Their classic menu features famous American cuisine: tasty burgers, signature sandwiches, and fresh salads. You can try their exquisite kitchen creations and handcrafted cocktails in a cool ambiance.




Closing Thoughts on the Best Restaurants in Lagos, Nigeria

We hope you enjoyed the list of the best restaurants in Lagos. As you see, there are options for all tastes, as Lagos’ cosmopolitan vibe accommodates all kinds of cuisines. Be sure to check out as many places as possible. Each and every place has its personality and a unique menu to guarantee you a nice outing with your loved ones.  



Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Restaurants in Lagos


Does Lagos have good food?

Yes, there are many different and exciting food choices in Lagos for both residents and tourists to enjoy. The area is renowned for its mouthwatering Nigerian food, which includes jollof rice, egusi broth, pepper soup, and suya.


Lagos has a wide range of international eateries that serve food from all over the globe in addition to Nigerian food, including Chinese, Italian, Lebanese, Indian, and more. Lagos also has a number of markets where you can try native cuisine, including the well-known Eko Market, where you can find treats like puff puff, akara, and moi moi.


Overall, Lagos offers a wide variety of delicious food options for both food lovers and tourists to discover and enjoy.



What food is Lagos known for?

Lagos is renowned for its delectable Nigerian food, which combines flavors from the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. In Lagos, some of the most well-liked meals are:

  • Jollof Rice –  rice, tomatoes, peppers, onions, and seasonings are combined to create a flavorful one-pot meal.
  • Egusi Soup – a hearty soup made from veggies, meat, or seafood, and ground melon seeds.
  • Pepper Soup –  a fiery soup made with a range of meats or fish, spices, and sauces.
  • Suya – a well-liked street dish composed of grilled or skewered beef, chicken, or goat meat that has been spiced with hot peanut sauce.
  • Pounded Yam and Egusi Soup –  yam that has been boiled and pounded to a smooth consistency, eaten with a soup made from ground melon seeds and veggies, is a common traditional Nigerian dish.
  • Akara – a common breakfast dish prepared from ground black-eyed peas, onions, and spices that are then fried into a patty.
  • Moi Moi – a black-eyed pea, onion, jalapeno, and other ingredient-based steamed bean pudding.

These are only a few of the mouthwatering dishes that Lagos is famous for. Additionally, Lagos has a flourishing street food scene where you can find a wide selection of delectable and reasonably priced snacks and meals.



What are the most popular dishes in Lagos, Nigeria?

The culinary scene in Lagos, Nigeria is renowned for being vibrant and varied, with a wide variety of dishes that represent the cultural diversity of the nation. In Lagos, some of the most well-liked meals are:

  • Jollof Rice:  a rice dish made with vegetables, meat, or seafood, and a hot, tomato-based sauce.
  • Pounded Yam and Egusi Soup:  a common meal composed of mashed, boiled yam that is served with melon seed soup and other vegetables, meat, or fish.
  • Fried Rice:  Rice that has been cooked with seasonings, meat, veggies, and other ingredients.
  • Pepper Soup:  a hot soup flavored with spices, onions, and peppers and prepared with different kinds of meat or seafood.
  • Suya: skewered and grilled meat, usually poultry or beef, that has been covered in a hot peanut sauce.
  • Moi Moi:  a black-eyed pea, onion, and pepper stewed bean pudding.
  • Akara:  black-eyed pea and spice-based deep-fried bean fritters.
  • Efo Riro:  a vegetable stew prepared with different types of meats or seafood, spinach, tomatoes, and peppers.
  • Ewa Agoyin:  mashed legumes with a hot stew composed of peppers, onions, and tomatoes.
  • Amala and Ewedu Soup:  a common meal made from yam flour and jute leaf soup that is served with a variety of meats or fish.

How much does a restaurant meal cost in Lagos?

In Lagos, the price of a meal at a restaurant can differ greatly based on the cuisine served, where it is located, and the quality of the service. In Lagos, a meal at a midrange eatery can cost anywhere from 2,500 to 5,000 Nigerian Naira on average. (equivalent to approximately 6 to 12 US dollars).


The local food stalls and street food markets in Lagos are great places to find more reasonably priced dining choices. For instance, a dish of jollof rice or a serving of suya from a street vendor might only cost 200–500 Nigerian Naira. (less than 2 US dollars).


However, a meal at a high-end eatery in Lagos can cost as much as 10,000 Nigerian Naira (or about $25 USD). It’s important to remember that prices can differ based on the particular dish and the portion amount. Lagos offers a variety of dining choices, from affordable street food to upscale dining, to suit a range of budgets.

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