25 Best Cafes in Lagos, Nigeria

25 Best Cafes in Lagos, Nigeria

If you’re a coffee enthusiast, Lagos – the bustling mega-city in Nigeria – has plenty of options to explore. Known for its street food and lively nightlife, Lagos’ cafe culture is just as exciting. From artisanal coffee shops to cozy brunch spots, there’s something for everyone. Here’s everything you need to know to discover the best cafes in Lagos.



The Vibrant Cafe Culture in Lagos


Lagos is a city that never sleeps, and it’s evident in the vibrant cafe culture. The cafes in Lagos are more than just places to grab a cup of coffee; they’re community hubs where artists, entrepreneurs, and students come together to work, network, and relax. As a result, the city has seen a surge of new cafes that offer unique and inviting spaces for coffee lovers.



A Brief History of Lagos’ Cafe Scene

Coffee arrived in Nigeria in the late 19th century, and it wasn’t until the early 20th century that Lagos began to enjoy coffee. The cafe culture was slow to take off, but in recent years, Lagos’ cafe scene has started to grow rapidly. The influx of international business and the rise of a middle-class population have all contributed to the surge of cafes in Lagos. Today, there are dozens of specialty cafes across the city, each offering a unique experience for coffee lovers.


The Impact of Coffee on Lagos’ Lifestyle

Lagos has a fast-paced lifestyle, and coffee is at the heart of it. From early-morning meetings to late-night work sessions, coffee is a constant companion for Lagosians. The focus on coffee has also led to the development of a cafe culture that is centered on enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Coffee shops are spaces where friends gather to catch up, artists showcase their work, and entrepreneurs work to build their businesses.



Best Cafes in Lagos, Nigeria


1. Terra Kulture Cafe

Terra KultureOne of the most popular cafes in Lagos is Terra Kulture Cafe, located in the heart of Victoria Island. Terra Kulture Cafe is not only a cafe but also a cultural center that celebrates Nigerian art, culture, and cuisine. The cafe has a cozy and inviting atmosphere with comfortable seating and a beautiful outdoor garden. Terra Kulture Cafe is a popular spot for business meetings, book clubs, and even weddings.




2. Art Cafe

Art CafeAnother popular cafe in Lagos is Art Cafe, located in the trendy neighborhood of Ikoyi. Art Cafe is not only a cafe but also an art gallery that showcases the work of local artists. The cafe has a relaxed and creative atmosphere with colorful decor and comfortable seating. Art Cafe is a popular spot for artists and creatives to work and collaborate.




3. Cafe Neo

Cafe NeoFor those looking for a more traditional coffee experience, Cafe Neo is the place to go. Cafe Neo has several locations across Lagos and offers a wide variety of coffee drinks, including espresso, cappuccino, and latte. The cafe has a modern and minimalist design with comfortable seating and free Wi-Fi, making it a popular spot for students and remote workers.




4. The Room Cafe (Formerly The Coffee Room)

The Room CafeA popular cafe known for its unique coffee blends. Located in the Lekki neighborhood, The Coffee Room offers a variety of blends, including the popular TCR Blend, which is a combination of Ethiopian, Colombian, and Guatemalan beans. They also offer a variety of brewing methods, including pour-over and French press.




5. Cafe One by Sterling

Cafe One by SterlingCafe One by Sterling offers a variety of blends, including the popular C17 Blend, which is a combination of Ethiopian, Colombian, and Sumatran beans. They also offer a variety of brewing methods, including Chemex and Aeropress.




6. Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock CafeThe Hard Rock Cafe Lagos is situated on Victoria Island, in the heart of one of Nigeria’s most upscale neighborhoods. Good coffee is always available here. They provide you the satisfaction you’ve been needing when you build up an appetite at an event in the adjacent Landmark Centre or simply from visiting the beaches of Victoria Island.




7. Flowershop Cafe

Flowershop CafeBy combining a flower shop and a cafe into one location, The Flowershop Cafe introduces a novel idea to Lagos. When you enter the building and leave Victoria Island’s bustle behind, you immediately think of peace. They combine natural surroundings with fresh items to create a lively place in the middle of downtown Lagos.




8. Vestar Coffee

Vestar CoffeeTreat yourself to a cup of Vestar Coffee’s sought-after premium whole coffee beans, including the Panama Gesha and other well-liked mixes. A cup of Vestar Coffee and the aroma of freshly baked blueberry muffins make for an intriguing combination.




9. TOP BEANS. Coffee & more

TOP BEANS. Coffee & moreThis is a Nigerian chain of coffee shops offering a variety of models, including catering, coffee-to-go, coffee shops, coffee houses, and coffee in business centers. They serve a variety of espresso-based drinks, cold blended drinks, fantastic breakfasts, and lunches, as well as delectable cakes and pastries. Their welcoming spaces are ideal for conducting business and enjoying while being helpful, productive, and content.




10. Cafeteria Nigeria

Cafeteria NigeriaAmerican cafe and restaurant Cafeteria Nigeria is well-known for its ridiculously wonderful pancakes, French toast, sandwiches, and bubble tea beverages offered all day. Enjoy delicious cuisine and the uplifting energy permeating Chi-Town’s surroundings to experience the rich lifestyle of the city.




11. Wilson’s Café Ikoyi

Wilson's Café ikoyiWilson’s Cafe is a typical restaurant serving Lebanese, continental, and some Nigerian dishes in addition to French cake, bread, fresh juice, and alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages.




12. MyYa’s Cafe

MyYa's CafeMyYa’s Cafe is a coffee business in Lagos, with good coffee to awaken the senses and start the day off in delight in Lekki, Lagos. They aim to be a go-to spot for neighborhood coffee addicts, a place to catch up with friends, or simply unwind with a nice book or the quick free WiFi. By offering a variety of loyalty programs, such as the “get the sixth cup free” promotion, they foster an environment to attract new clients but also keep their loyal ones coming.




13. PAUSE | Café & Espresso Bar

PAUSE Café & Espresso BarPause is a neighborhood cafe with a lovely outside location that serves coffee, beverages, sandwiches, etc. The ideal location for a business meeting, a coffee date, a casual trip, or even a lunch date is Pause. The building contains an outdoor area with a garden theme.




14. Choco Latte Coffee Bar

Choco Latte Coffee BarThe Radisson Blu’s Choco Latte Coffee Bar has a great selection of hot beverages as well as sandwiches, and the staff is friendly and accommodating.




15. Café One, Lennox Mall, Lekki

Café OneCafé One combines community, coffee, co-working, and digital banking. Clients and non-clients can collaborate while enjoying a cup of coffee, network, expand their enterprises, use our free WiFi, go to events, and get financial solutions.




16. Lumena Cafe

Lumena CafeThe coffee at Lumena, an African coffee shop brand, is of the highest quality and is ethically and organically obtained. You can count on receiving delicious food and first-rate service when you visit one Lumena, along with a warm and inviting ambiance in which to enjoy your beverage. Their coffee buyers travel to different parts of the world to find the best beans from South America, Asia, and Africa. Their talented craftsmen receive the beans and combine them into delectable beverages.




17. Michelle’s Cafe

Michelle's CafeMichelle is a cozy bistro serving freshly baked bread rolls, coffee, and handmade soups in the center of Victoria Island, Lagos. Nothing compares to a delicious cup of coffee like Michelle’s blends.




18. The Orchid Bistro

The Orchid BistroIn GRA Ikeja, there is a tiny, charming café called The Orchid Bistro. The palace serves delicious food and coffee and has a lovely atmosphere and garden. They take great pride in the caliber, aesthetics, and overall attractiveness of every dish on the menu. 




19. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts & Coffee Ikeja City Mall

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts & Coffee Ikeja City MallLong-running chain Krispy Kreme Doughnuts & Coffee offers a selection of donut flavors & forms, as well as coffee & frozen drinks. If you reside in or frequently visit the Ikeja City Mall, you are closer than you are in for a treat with their doughnuts and coffee.




20. BhEERHUGZ Café Ikeja

BhEERHUGZ Café IkejaBhEERHUGZ Cafe is a high-end lounge, restaurant, bar, and cafe situated in three well-known neighborhoods of Lagos, Nigeria. It is a place for fun-loving, urban Lagosians to relax, socialize, and lounge. The menu offers a range of traditional and modern cuisine, catering to all palates. 


21. Cocoa Fusion

Cocoa FusionCocoa’s interior and exterior create a lovely atmosphere. It’s a lovely location for a tasty cup of coffee. The staff is welcoming and accommodating, taking the time to describe each pastry on display and what each one contains. A fancy and unique coffee is also served. 




22. Bourbon House Café, Ikeja GRA

Bourbon House CaféThe personnel at the extremely clean and welcoming Bourbon House Café will take care of all your needs. Cleanliness, an exquisite setting, comfort, and, most intriguing, a really good lunch and coffee.




23. Agos Café

Agos caféAgos is an excellent location for digital nomads, business meetings, and relaxation while enjoying a unique cup of joe. The ambiance is cozy and the staff is welcoming.




24. Indomie Cafe Ikeja 

Indomie Cafe IkejaThe first noodle bar in Nigeria, Indomie Cafe, is making fusion cuisine very popular among foodies. Indomie is a go-to spot for delectable food and a fun time with friends and family. Prepare to enjoy the distinctive food and coffee. They serve a variety of delectable meals, such as Yummie Rolls, Frittatas, Frizzled Eggs, and Prawn Mie, as well as cool beverages.




25. O’SHEY Cafe & Bar

O'SHEY Cafe & BarO’Shey Cafe & Bar is among the greatest establishments for delicious beverages, with integrity and tasteful decor. On Wednesdays, there is a games night; on Thursdays, there is karaoke; and on Fridays, the DJ sets the tone for the weekend. There’s always something happening at O’Shey’s, and the excellent customer service, relaxed atmosphere, and outstanding cup of coffee mark the difference.




Closing Thoughts on the Best Cafes in Lagos, Nigeria


Lagos’ cafe culture is alive and well, and there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing ambiance, tantalizing food offerings, or a productive space to get work done, Lagos has plenty of cafes to meet your needs. So go ahead and explore Lagos’ vibrant cafe scene and discover the best cafes in the city!

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