15 Best Coworking Spaces in Lagos, Nigeria

15 Best Coworking Spaces in Lagos, Nigeria

Coworking spaces have been rapidly growing in popularity across the globe, providing a cost-effective solution for businesses, startups, and freelancers. Lagos, the thriving commercial hub of Nigeria, is no exception, with a burgeoning entrepreneur and startup scene. In this article, we will explore the best coworking spaces in Lagos and what makes them stand out from the rest.



Best Coworking Spaces in Lagos


Are you an entrepreneur looking for a dynamic co-working space in Lagos? Look no further than these top co-working spaces in the city.



1. Andela

AndelaAndela is more than just a co-working space. It’s a community of entrepreneurs, developers, and creatives who collaborate and innovate together. Located in the heart of Lagos, Andela offers private offices, meeting rooms, high-speed internet, and 24/7 access to the space. But what really sets Andela apart is its commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and growth. From networking events to skill-building workshops, Andela is the perfect place to take your business to the next level.




2. Workstation

WorkstationLocated in the bustling Victoria Island neighborhood, Workstation is a professional co-working space that offers businesses a range of options, including private offices, meeting rooms, and a lounge area. But what really sets Workstation apart is its commitment to helping businesses grow and succeed. From training programs to networking events, Workstation provides entrepreneurs with the resources they need to thrive in today’s competitive market.




3. Leadspace Yaba (Lagos)

LeadSpace Yaba (Lagos)If you’re looking for flexibility in your co-working space, look no further than Leadspace. Located in the heart of Ikoyi, Leadspace offers a variety of options, including hot desks, private offices, and meeting rooms. But what really sets Leadspace apart is its community of like-minded individuals. Whether you’re looking for collaborators, mentors, or just a supportive network, Leadspace has got you covered.




4. Cranium One

Cranium OneCranium One is not your average co-working space. Located in the trendy Lekki neighborhood, Cranium One is a boutique space that provides entrepreneurs and startups with a unique environment to work in. From private offices to meeting rooms, Cranium One offers a range of amenities to help businesses succeed. But what really sets Cranium One apart is its commitment to fostering creativity and innovation. With regular events and workshops, Cranium One is the perfect place to turn your ideas into reality.




5. Venia Business Hub

Venia Business HubThe mission of Venia Business Hub is to support and connect companies that are enthusiastic about offering product solutions through high-quality service delivery, community networking occasions, and possibilities in a welcoming and elegantly decorated setting that encourages networking, creativity, and invention.




6. Seedspace Lagos Ikoyi

Seedspace Lagos IkoyiSEEDSPACE IKOYi is a global network of coworking spaces, which aims to provide inexpensive office space and promote regional startup ecosystems in developing countries. They are a part of Seedstars, a company dedicated to assisting regional business owners in more than 80 emerging markets.


  • Location: Seedspace Lagos Ikoyi, 23 Agodogba Ave, Parkview Estate 106104, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Website: N/A
  • Phone number: +234 806 435 4498
  • Rates: NGN 2100 for a hot desk, daily. 



7. WorkBox Limited

WorkBox LimitedWorkBox Limited is an event venue and fully equipped offices in the center of VI, Lagos. Available on a monthly or annual basis for individuals, small, medium, and big businesses.




8. TyWorkSpace

TyWorkSpaceA workspace called TYWorkspace offers opulent office space to picky firms. They provide organizations and individuals who need the ideal setting to be productive without interruptions with private, shared, and virtual office spaces and services. Their emphasis on healthy working practices and ergonomic equipment ensures that clients work and live well.




9. MusterPoint CoWorking Space

MusterPoint CoWorking SpaceMusterPoint is a cluster of cutting-edge solution providers. To create clever solutions to social issues in Africa, they draw on the strength of their community of tech founders, social entrepreneurs, tech businesses, development organizations, governments, and impact investors.




10. Hub One

Hub OneMultiple firms utilize Hub One, a pleasant, comfortable, and well-ventilated coworking office environment. A very organized and calm work environment with accessible restrooms, a kitchen with a microwave and refrigerator, and air conditioning. Excellent location, calm, and the ideal setting for networking.




11. CubeHub – Coworking, Virtual and Serviced Offices – Adebola Centre, Lagos

CubeHub - CoworkingCoworking spaces, serviced offices, meeting rooms, and flexible virtual office plans are all available from CubeHub and are ready to use. It offers coworking, virtual offices, and serviced offices in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria. You will pay a small fee and receive your own workspace with all the required tools. Choose the office space that best suits your needs from their flexible selection, and then use it as needed — by the hour, week, or year. You have all you require to concentrate on your company’s core operations.




12. Workcentral Ogunlana Hub Surulere

Workcentral Ogunlana Hub SurulereWorkcentral Ogunlana Hub Surulere is specifically made for freelancers, SMEs, and aspiring business owners that require a professional setting to do business. A single non-dedicated workspace area is included in this bundle. Workstation zones and designated locations. Endless supply of electricity Internet access is unrestricted.




13. HUB30 Coworking Space

HUB30 Coworking SpaceIn Festac Town, Hub30 is a coworking facility that provides shared workplace and office space for business owners, independent contractors, students, and other types of start-ups. We also offer a platform of assistance for these brands as they go through their growth phase.




14. The Impression Hub

The Impression HubThe Impression Hub is a coworking space that offers virtual office services, hot desks, conference rooms, training rooms, event and meetup bookings, free parking, free coffee, and a variety of other services necessary for 21st-century startups. They also offer Hot Desks for those who are employed and need a place to work on their company ideas after work. 




15. V8 Valley – Workspace

V8 Valley - WorkspaceA platform for fast business growth across Africa, V8 Ventures was founded with the straightforward goal of bridging the gap between emerging companies, seasoned investors, and mentors to assure rapid commercial success, particularly in the field of digital technology.




Closing Thoughts on the Best Coworking Spaces in Lagos, Nigeria


Co-working spaces in Lagos offer a cost-effective solution for businesses, startups, and freelancers, providing a collaborative environment where like-minded individuals can work and innovate together. With the rise of startups and entrepreneurs in Nigeria, co-working spaces will continue to thrive, providing businesses with a unique environment to grow and succeed.



Frequently Asked Questions in the Best Coworking Spaces in Lagos


Why should you work in a coworking space in Lagos?

1. The rise of startups and entrepreneurs

Over the past decade, the number of startups in Nigeria has rapidly grown, particularly in Lagos. In fact, Lagos has been dubbed the “Silicon Valley of Africa” due to the sheer size and potential of its tech industry. The city has become a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, attracting talented individuals from all over the continent.


Co-working spaces provide an ideal environment for startups and entrepreneurs to network, share ideas and gain exposure to potential investors. With the rise of remote work and the gig economy, co-working spaces have become an attractive option for freelancers and small businesses looking for affordable office space.


2. Networking and collaboration opportunities

Co-working spaces create a collaborative environment where entrepreneurs and freelancers can work alongside like-minded individuals. This opens up networking opportunities and encourages collaboration on projects, which can lead to the creation of new startups and businesses. Co-working spaces often host events and workshops, providing members with additional opportunities to network and learn from industry experts.


In Lagos, co-working spaces have become more than just a place to work – they have become a community. Members often organize social events and activities, creating a sense of belonging and fostering a supportive environment for entrepreneurs and freelancers.



How much do coworking spaces cost in Lagos?

Co-working spaces in Lagos can go for as low as NGN 500 daily. The truth is that the price will vary significantly depending on the amenities offered. Many places also serve as a community for different kinds of events, activities, and networking opportunities beyond coworking. These usually come at a larger price. Make sure to assess every perk from subscriptions to analyze prices. 


Many co-working places offer monthly rates, which ultimately reduce the daily price in comparison as they assure themselves of a monthly subscription. Private offices always come at a bigger cost.

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