20 Fun Things to Do in Lagos

20 Fun Things to Do in Lagos

Although Lagos is no longer the capital of Nigeria, it’s still very much the country’s economic capital and its entertainment gem. It’s been referred to as the Las Vegas, New York, and Los Angeles of the country, and for all the good reasons! 


In addition to its entertainment options, Lagos basks visitors in rich culture and colorful, metropolitan vibes. It comes as no surprise that the city influences tourism throughout the entire continent.


When it comes to tourism, Lagos doesn’t lack options. Whether you’re searching for fun family activities, romantic places for couples, or entertaining solo experiences, you’ll find a place that tends to your needs. In this article, we’ll be listing all the fun things to do in Lagos!



Fun Things to Do in Lagos for Adults


For a solo traveler or one who just likes to explore, these activities are the best to look into. You can also go there with a couple of friends or family members.


Soak in Rich Culture and Vibes at the Fela Shrine

20 Fun Things to Do in Lagos 1

The New Afrika Shrine was renamed Fela Shrine in honor of the afrobeat Legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti. It’s the one and only perfect spot to enjoy live afrobeat performances and indulge in a host of local delicacies, such as Jollof rice, peppered snails, Ayamase, Ofada, and many more. As it’s mostly known as a popular spot for smokers (mainly Marijuana), it’s inappropriate for family outings, especially with children.




Browse Through Music and Books at Jazzhole

20 Fun Things to Do in Lagos 3

Jazz Hole is a classy library, bookshop, and record store for lovers of books and Jazz music. You can go and shop for books, read, buy yummy desserts and vinyl records, and listen to jazz music. Go on the right day, and you might even end up being lucky and getting treated to a live musical performance.


Jazzhole is unsuitable for family gatherings and children as it’s a library, which is a place reserved for relaxation and enjoying quiet music and study. Note that the owners are stern against taking photographs, which is quite unlucky as the ambiance is perfect for an Instagram post.


  • Location: 168, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi 106104
  • Contact: 0803 332 0398
  • Opening Hours: 9:30 AM – 6:30 PM (Mon-Sat), 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM (Sundays)
  • Price Range: $3.94 per person

Enjoy Fine Dining at Shiro Restaurant

20 Fun Things to Do in Lagos 5

Experience high-class service at the extremely posh Shiro Restaurant. The restaurant is home to an iconic artifact that takes the shape of a huge Buddha, next to which you get to enjoy your dinner. You can dine on fine sushi in a peaceful atmosphere or head outside to enjoy the cool ocean breeze.


Due to the high-class environment, the Shiro Restaurant is mostly best for a solo treat or a small gathering with friends. It’s less appealing in the case of a family outing with children.


Release Tension at the Nok by Alara Garden

20 Fun Things to Do in Lagos 7

From the elegant interior to the considerate menu full of Nigerian and international dishes, along with the invitingly mellow and classy patio, Nok is the perfect spot for a solo treat. 


Being another high-class place, Nok is more suitable for adult gatherings than familial outings with children. If you plan on going there, we recommend booking a table first, especially on weekends.




Surf or Ride in a Speedboat at Tarkwa Bay

20 Fun Things to Do in Lagos 9

As it’s located on a small artificial island, Tarkwa is only accessible by a 30-minute boat or water taxi from Victoria Island. You can rent a chair and watch the surfers in their element or get on a ride on one of the multiple speedboats on the vast ocean.


Tarkwa is a secluded area, mostly populated with young adults, and has become a scene to bask in the pleasures of adulthood. It’s one of the beaches known to be less populated with children and marketed more for adults, probably due to the fact that it doesn’t have any restrooms. So if you plan on going there, make sure you won’t need to change clothes mid-day.




Fun Things to Do in Lagos for Couples


Looking for a romantic getaway and a time to relax with your partner, far away from all the stress? These are some of the best places to visit while in Lagos!


Make a Couples Reservation at Amani Wellness and Spa

20 Fun Things to Do in Lagos 11

Book a couple’s treatment reservation at the Amani Wellness and Spa with your partner. You’ll get access to the couple’s suites, eight multi-functional treatment rooms, a nail salon, Grand Rasul, a sauna and relaxation area, a steam room, and more. However, it’s essential you book a place for you two before going because it’s a busy place.


Take Your Bae on a Special Date at Noir Restaurant

20 Fun Things to Do in Lagos 13

Enjoy an elegant day meal or classy date night at Noir Restaurant. It’s a perfect spot for a romantic dinner with your special one, as it boasts a unique interior and calm, yellow romantic lighting to put you in a relaxed mood, especially at night time. But like any busy restaurant, reservations are recommended before you go.


Make a Painting of Your Partner at Sip and Paint.NG

20 Fun Things to Do in Lagos 15

Do you want to unleash your inner creativity and have a fun time with your partner? Visit Sip and Paint.NG and have both of you make individual paintings of each other. Go through this fun, creative experience to see what you look like in your partner’s eyes. Under the guidance of an art instructor and with easels and equipment provided, you’ll get to revel in this special moment with your lover.




Visit the Largest Canopy Walkway in Africa at the Lekki Conservation Centre

20 Fun Things to Do in Lagos 17

Experience the beauty of nature at the Lekki Conservation Centre while holding hands with your lover. You’ll get to see monkeys, beautiful peacocks, snakes, crocodiles, and more wild animals. Also, you’ll be surrounded by an assortment of different species of plants in their natural habitat. However, beware that this getaway isn’t recommended for pregnant travelers and requires a maximum of 6 travelers.


Lounge at the Shoreline of the Golden Beach Resort

20 Fun Things to Do in Lagos 19

Being one of the calmest and most romantic beaches in Lagos, this is the go-to place for lovers during the day and night. There, you can eat and drink at the thatch-and-bamboo bar restaurant, ride horses, walk across the shoreline, and watch marvelous sunsets with your lover.


Fun Things to Do in Lagos for Family


Do you and the kids need a break from the normal day-to-day activities of the house? Are you looking for places that both adults and children in the family can equally find worthwhile and exciting? See below!


Participate in Fun Activities at Upbeat Recreation Centre

20 Fun Things to Do in Lagos 21

Upbeat Recreation Centre is the first trampoline park in West Africa, and it promises you and your family a fun time. It’s the perfect place to enjoy and boost your fitness. You can get your adrenaline pumping with an array of fun activities like basketball, football, trampoline, climbing, virtual games, and toddler games (with a toddler corner). You can also enjoy the lagoon view, delicious meals, and refreshing beverages. Note that the park doesn’t work on Mondays.


Bump Along With the Happy Crowd at Barracuda Beach

20 Fun Things to Do in Lagos 23

Being one of the most famous beaches for families, Barracuda starts bumping and grinding with joyous crowds from as early as 10 AM on a Saturday. You have many options to choose from if you go there. For instance, you can ride horses, swim in the ocean or swimming pool, relax under a long stretch of coconut trees, or engage in physical activities. However, it’s best if you pack snacks and drinks before you go, especially if you’re going with little kids.


Visit the Zoo at Omu Resort

20 Fun Things to Do in Lagos 25

Need to get away from the stress of the city? Omu Resort is the perfect place! At this family-friendly resort, you can go on rides at the amusement park or have fun in the bouncing castle, and the fun doesn’t stop here. You can also go see the lions at the zoo, visit the wax museum, get to know species of fish at Seaworld, and play archery. It’s somewhat far from the roadside, so you should prepare for a bit of a trek. You can book a lodge and spend a night in case.




Visit Rufus and Bee

20 Fun Things to Do in Lagos 27

Rufus and Bee are the largest Game Arcade in Nigeria, with over 100 games for children and adults. This is the perfect place for family outings. You can play games at the arcade, take a shot at bowling, try the classic snooker, head to the sports bar, or eat and relax at the American Texmex restaurant.


Bask in African Arts and Culture at the Nike Art Gallery

20 Fun Things to Do in Lagos 29

The Nike Art Gallery is a five-story building dedicated to African art and crafts alone. It’s the perfect place for an educational day out with the family. At the Nike Art Gallery, you learn just as much as your kids do, as you’re exposed to different forms of art from multiple artists. You can also visit the textile museum or try your hand at creating traditional African crafts such as batik, indigo, beadwork, or carving. After all the excitement, you can take a break at the coffee shop to relax. A group of ten is needed for a tour.


Fun Things to Do in Lagos at Night


For night owls or those on a short visit to Lagos, keen on making the most of out it, these are the right spots for you!


Go to the G12 Beachfront Bar at Oniru Beach

20 Fun Things to Do in Lagos 31

Oniru Beach never sleeps, and it’s the perfect place for a fun time at night. You can enjoy looking across the well-lit ocean from the G12 Beachfront Bar while eating, drinking, and bopping along to some cool tunes. You can also take it up a notch and hop in the G12 Club just across the bar and dance away the stress of the day.


Feel the True Nightlife Soul of Lagos at Fela’s Shrine

20 Fun Things to Do in Lagos 33

If you want to feel the true vibrant vibes of Lagos, we recommend you go to Fela Kuti’s Shrine, as it’s known for its live performances. If you go there, you’ll understand and interact with the soul of the city, dance away to true Nigerian afrobeat tunes, and enjoy late-night live band performances.


Take a Sunset Boat Trip at First Boat Cruise 

20 Fun Things to Do in Lagos 35

At First Boat Cruise, you can enjoy the cool night breeze and watch the sun go down over the ocean. You also get to enjoy the marvelous view of Banana Island and Ikoyi from the water. Due to the cruise’s fame in Lagos, it’d be wise to book before you go. You can bring your own food and drinks if you want.


Enjoy the Ship Life at Sailor’s Lounge

20 Fun Things to Do in Lagos 37

Visit the easygoing waterside restaurant, Sailor’s Lounge, and enjoy seafood plates, delicious burgers, and pasta dishes. The serene vibes of the place at night will help you unwind. To boost the “ship life” feel, the restaurant is sitting partly on water. Overall, the ambiance is peaceful, the view at night is astounding, and the food is tasty.


Go Wild at the Classy Cubana Pablo

20 Fun Things to Do in Lagos 39

Cubana Pablo is arguably the best nightclub in Lagos. It’s a classy space that sports a large complex of architectural masterpieces. You can enjoy valet parking, a sky-view rooftop lounge, a restaurant, and a bar serviced by world-class chefs and bartenders. 




Tips for Visiting Lagos


Here are some tips to make your visit to Lagos exceptional.

  • Always have Nigerian Cash (Naira notes) on you, but not to the point of loading your pockets or purses. Carrying a lot of cash around isn’t advisable.
  • Be careful when passing streets because most people don’t follow the rules of the road.
  • Lagos has overwhelming traffic, so always plan ahead if you have a scheduled booking.
  • Lagos has extremely hot weather, so pack accordingly.
  • Ask your doctor for the necessary medications and vaccines before going to Lagos since malaria is a common occurrence there.



Closing Thoughts on the Most Fun Things to Do in Lagos


There are loads of activities for anyone to enjoy in Lagos at any time. Whether you’re going solo, with your partner, or with family, you’re guaranteed to have fun times and visit beautiful places. And that’s it for the list! We hope you have a swell time visiting or traveling around Lagos, Nigeria!

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