10 Must-Visit Landmarks in Lagos, Nigeria

10 Must-Visit Landmarks in Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria is an exciting and historic city that has plenty to offer its visitors. From the hustle and bustle of the airport to a captivating arts scene, you can experience it all here! On our journey through Lagos’ top attractions, we’ll be exploring how past and present intertwine in this amazing location. So come along as we uncover these iconic landmarks across Nigeria’s biggest metropolitan area!

From stunning natural beauty spots to monumental historical sites – let’s embark on a memorable tour showcasing some of those must-visit landmarks in Lagos, Nigeria today! Get ready for an awe-inspiring exploration into one of Africa’s most fascinating cities when visiting its diverse array of international airports alongside famous locales such as Lekki Conservation Centre!



Must-Visit Landmarks in Lagos, Nigeria


Exploring the National Arts Theatre


10 Must-Visit Landmarks in Lagos, Nigeria 1For art connoisseurs, the National Arts Theatre in Lagos is an absolute must-see. Established back in 1977 to celebrate FESTAC (Festival of Arts and Culture), this iconic venue has become a hub for displaying top performing arts from theatre to dance and music. Despite being due some renovations, the Lagos State government continues its commitment to reviving this wonderful cultural landmark which makes it so special amongst local people who are proud of their vibrant artistic spirit.


Take time out on your next visit here and make sure you don’t miss experiencing all that goes on at the National Arts Theatre. From hosting amazing cultural festivals where everyone can come together as one – enjoying every creative masterpiece along with laughter mixed with thunderous applause – what could be better?

The enthusiasm shown by citizens certainly highlights why numerous initiatives continue striving towards preserving not only our culture but also making these investments count when other parts struggle for attention around Nigeria too!


  • Location: Iganmu, Lagos Apapa Local Government, Lagos, Nigeria



Murtala Muhammed International Airport: Nigeria’s Busiest Airport

10 Must-Visit Landmarks in Lagos, Nigeria 3


The Murtala Muhammed International Airport, located in the Ikeja district of Lagos and served by the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), is an essential transport hub for both domestic and international flights. The airport was renamed to honor a former Nigerian Head, Murtala Muhammed in 1976 after its original title –Lagos International Airport. Not too far from it lies the Lagos Railway Station as a testament to Nigeria’s increasing importance on a global scale.


This busy airline facility offers travelers multiple services with two terminals that differentiate between domestic and foreign visitors, one for each destination type. Whatever your reason may be for travelling there you can rely on reaching various destinations due to this important gateway provided close by inside Lagos itself!




Crossing the Iconic Third Mainland Bridge


10 Must-Visit Landmarks in Lagos, Nigeria 5

Venturing forth, the majestic Third Mainland Bridge is an impressive sight to behold. Built-in 1990 and containing 8 lanes of traffic, it serves as a bridge between Lagos Island and mainland Lagos- becoming vital for people moving around the city. At one time this was Africa’s longest span!


The stunning views across from both sides are hard not to appreciate with remarkable photos being taken by many passersby along its stretch due to how captivating they can be. Truly living up to why bridges have always been engineering feats long before our modern times. When traveling over you get a sense of pride knowing what has been achieved here regarding connectivity throughout Nigerian streets.


More than anything else though, crossing through The Third Mainland Bridge symbolizes growth found within Lagos that could only appear when two essential sections form together, bridging these gaps efficiently whilst making daily lives much easier for all who pass underneath…an experience you don’t want your trip out there without sampling!


  • Location: Third Mainland Brg, Oworosoki 105102, Lagos, Nigeria



A Visit to the National Stadium in Surulere


10 Must-Visit Landmarks in Lagos, Nigeria 7The National Stadium in Surulere, a Lagos landmark since 1972 that has experienced its share of great achievements and become an expression of national pride, is currently under renovation efforts done by the National Sports Commission. As you explore this historic site where echoes from the past cheering crowds can still be heard today, it’s clear that these measures aim to bring back life into the stadium for future sporting events so that it may remain one of Nigeria’s leading venues with rich sports history. The commission hopes to restore all aspects until it returns entirely to being what had been in the first place not just full of festivities but also patriotism and honor.


  • Location: Yaba 101241, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria



The Vibrant Lagos Lagoon

10 Must-Visit Landmarks in Lagos, Nigeria 9


The Lagos Lagoon is an important geographical division between the city of Lagos and the Atlantic Ocean, drawing visitors with its beauty. This large body of water plays a crucial role in life here economically as well as culturally for many citizens.


Outdoor lovers can take advantage of activities like fishing, boating, or bird-watching that offer great experiences to both locals and tourists alike at this tranquil spot. Those who visit will be captivated by seeing nature up close along with all the unique wildlife it harbors too!


Lagos has plenty going on but even amidst everything else you won’t want to miss out on visiting these stunning waters which have become essential when one visits this amazing area – definitely worth taking some time out for relaxation within such majestic surroundings!




Tafawa Balewa Square: A Memorial and Event Center

10 Must-Visit Landmarks in Lagos, Nigeria 11


The 50,000-capacity Tafawa Balewa Square is one of Lagos’ key historical landmarks. Built to commemorate Alhaji Tafawa Balewa, the first prime minister of Nigeria, and named after him too. This memorial site hosts a variety of activities from religious gatherings to music festivals for locals and tourists alike.


When visiting here you must not forget to take in some impressive architectural highlights such as the Remembrance Arcade, huge horse statues plus the 26-storey Independence House that was erected back in 1963 – they all offer insight into the city’s past legacy heritage.


Till today it’s an integral part of social life hosting many events & showcases where we pay tribute to our roots while being reminded about the significance behind its existence by also remembering those leaders who paved the way before us like Prime Minister Marufuji Ambode whom this space has been dedicated to since forever ago.


  • Location: Lagos Island 102273, Lagos, Nigeria



Lekki Conservation Centre: Nature’s Haven


10 Must-Visit Landmarks in Lagos, Nigeria 13

For anyone looking to experience the diversity of nature, a visit to the Lekki Conservation Centre is an absolute must. The reserve located in Lagos boasts incredible wildlife and ecosystems, making it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Spend time exploring its 1.8 km long nature path or go up 21 meters high at the tree house. Both these activities will give visitors unforgettable glimpses into Nigeria’s natural heritage, one that cannot be found anywhere else!


The abundance of bird species also makes this place perfect for those who are passionate about birdwatching. People can truly feel away from city life here by appreciating such beauty surrounded by peace and tranquility. Visiting this special site would leave no doubt as to why it has become so renowned among those interested in ecology!


  • Location: Km 19 Lekki – Epe Expy, Lekki Penninsula II 106104, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria



10 Must-Visit Landmarks in Lagos, Nigeria 15


As we move on, let us go to Tinubu Square, a historically important site in Lagos which is named after the renowned Madam Efunroye Tinubu. She was an amazing Nigerian entrepreneur and philanthropist who worked diligently during the 19th century for liberty from slavery as well as the advancement of her city’s progress.


This square serves as a reminder of not only our great national heritage but also that incredible lady’s legacy with its surrounding sights like Lagos City Hall and Central Mosque within reach. It has become quite popular amongst locals due to it being a pleasant location where you can relax or even visit religious centers if need be!


Let us give tribute here too at this significant spot – paying respect towards all those fearless women including Madame Tinabu whose commitment has contributed significantly to building Nigeria what it is today. Particularly concerning history & culture in regards to Lagos itself!


  • Location: Broad St, Lagos Island 102273, Lagos, Nigeria



Taiwo Olowo’s Monument: A Tribute to a Remarkable Man


10 Must-Visit Landmarks in Lagos, Nigeria 17

Located close to the Mandilas House and Continental House, Chief Daniel Conrad Taiwo’s Monument is an ode to his legacy. An embodiment of determination and resilience, this monument stands as a reminder of what one can accomplish when they are motivated enough. As you visit the area take time out to reflect on all that he achieved for Lagos city – no photography will be allowed without seeking permission from personnel there in order to keep it preserved at its best condition for everyone’s benefit.


This symbolic tribute was created with respect given to the leader who had started small yet gone on to become influential within his lifetime – something which continues inspiring future generations even today! The site serves as both a tangible memorialization devoted particularly towards him but also acts like an open invitation prompting others to strive ahead despite obstacles just like how Chief Daniel Conrad Taiwo did many decades back.


  • Location: F93P+RXX, Broad St, Lagos Island 102273, Lagos, Nigeria



Freedom Park: A UNESCO Heritage Site and Cultural Landmark


10 Must-Visit Landmarks in Lagos, Nigeria 19

We’ve finally reached Freedom Park, a historical landmark on Lagos Island that is also recognized as an international UNESCO Heritage Site. It was constructed to honor the Broad Street Prison which served for many years and stands today as a symbol of this city’s complex history.


This venue acts both as a leisure hub and a cultural destination. Offering visitors from all around the world unique entertainment options in its renowned recreation area combined with events hosted inside their arts park — making it one of the most sought-after tourist attractions when visiting Lagos.


  • Location: Old Prison Ground,1, Hospital Road, adjacent St’ Nicholas Hospital, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria



Closing Thoughts on the Must-Visit Landmarks in Lagos, Nigeria


As we explored the most renowned sights of Lagos, we were enchanted by its unique culture and spectacular natural landscapes. Its iconic personalities have had an immense impact on shaping it into what it is today.


From Murtala Muhammed International Airport to Lekki Conservation Centre, there’s something for everyone in this lively metropolis, a city that has everything from hustle and bustle to complete serenity. The landmarks highlighted here are just a glimpse of all that Lagos offers! Our hope is they will inspire you to set out on your own journey through this amazing place.


Whether you’re drawn towards history or sports. If life’s everyday monotony sets off alarm bells within – why not let these top-notch attractions be our guide as together unravel the hidden gems scattered throughout the enchanting lagoon city together?


Frequently Asked Questions on the Must-Visit Landmarks in Lagos, Nigeria


What is Lagos Nigeria best known for?

Lagos has gained a legendary reputation for its stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, lively nightlife, and multicultural population. As well as being an economic hub of Africa, it is also renowned for hosting Nigeria’s flourishing Nollywood film industry which highlights the city’s entrepreneurial drive.


What are the three major landmarks in Nigeria?

Gurara Falls, the National Arts Theatre, and The National War Museum are three of Nigeria’s beautiful landmarks that you should definitely discover. Other remarkable attractions in the country include Olumo Rock, Benin Moat as well and Bower’s Tower, all worth a visit for sure!


What is the significance of the National Arts Theatre?

The National Arts Theatre in Lagos is an important place for culture and art, offering space to carry out performing arts activities as well as hosting different cultural festivals that rejoice the dynamic artistic atmosphere of the city.


Which bridge connects Lagos Mainland to Lagos Island?

The Third Mainland Bridge is a vital link between Lagos Island and the mainland, connecting both sides of this bustling metropolis. This bridge serves as an important access point for commuters to traverse from one side to another with ease.


What can visitors do at Lekki Conservation Centre?

The Lekki Conservation Centre is open daily from 8 am, providing visitors with the opportunity to explore its nature trails and canopy walkways. Nature lovers can also climb up into a treehouse for an elevated view of the diverse wildlife present in this area – primates, antelopes, birds, and reptiles are just some of them! Educational programs that provide Insight about conservation efforts have been made available so people may gain a greater understanding as it relates to their environment.

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