12 Best Seafood Restaurants in Lagos

12 Best Seafood Restaurants in Lagos

There are many incredible seafood restaurants in Lagos. The Nigerian city hosts some of the finest sea dining experiences, offering fresh fish prepared with the best spices and ingredients to ensure a delectable meal. If you like this kind of cuisine and you live or are visiting the city, then check out this list of the best seafood restaurants in Lagos. We have selected only the greatest ones around, adding information on their locations, websites, types of cuisine, phone numbers, and social media links. Let’s cover some related topics on seafood in Lagos and then move on to the list.



Best Seafood Restaurants in Lagos


1. Ocean Basket Victoria Island

Ocean Basket Victoria IslandThe Mediterranean way of life, which Ocean Basket celebrates, emphasizes meeting with friends and family for meals so that you may share food, laughter, and tales. From the ocean to the pan, they offer seafood that has been masterfully cooked. Everyone can eat a range of tasty, nutrient-dense meals thanks to their Mediterranean diet. 


2. Ocean Basket, Ikeja GRA

Ocean Basket, Ikeja GRAAt Ikeja GRA, you will find another Ocean Basket location. Enjoy yourself with the same quality of delectable seafood by this side of Lagos, with excellent opportunities to gather friends and/or family for fun times.




3. Kingfisher Africa

Kingfisher AfricaThere is a little of Ibiza, the paradisiac Spanish island, in Kingfisher Africa. This cozy restaurant offers beautiful views and delicious seafood dishes in a very cool and chic setting. 


4. 788 on the sea

788 on the seaTwinwaters is a five-story building with 10 retail spaces and two fine-dining restaurants. One of them is 788 on the Sea, a fine dining experience with international cuisine and seafood dishes.




5. Noir Restaurant

Noir RestaurantTaste some of the greatest modern French cuisines and seafood the city has to offer while enjoying a unique wine collection. A Cocktail Bar is also available to sip on some great beverages from the place’s mixologist. Their VIP Lounge and outside Terrace are great places to spend an enjoyable evening with your friends. 




6. TheSharkexpress

TheSharkexpressThe Sharkexpress is Nigeria’s seafood giant, delivering fine maritime dishes to Lagos and Abuja. The seafood boil is one of the most popular choices on the menu. You may order it with other tastes to enhance your experience. 




7. The Fish Lady

The Fish LadyThe Fish Lady defines itself as a “Cameroonian Restaurant redefining your tastebuds”. It does so with a marvelous menu with diverse seafood platters for you to try, always guaranteeing fresh served fish. 




8. Red Snapper Lekki – Sea Food | Cocktail Bar

Red Snapper LekkiThe proprietor of Red Snapper Lekki owns an offshore fishing boat that he uses to catch fresh fish to serve. The restaurant specializes in fresh seafood in Nigerian and continental cuisines. Their drinks are prepared using only the cleanest and best ingredients for guests’ delight, and the steaks are grade AA imported.


9. Lobstercrib Seafood Restaurant

Lobstercrib Seafood RestaurantLobstercrib is a premium coffee shop and bar, and a seafood restaurant serving continental cuisine, with a VIP food vendor service. It is a great dining seafood establishment where you may enjoy outstanding culinary quality. Their seafood is beautifully prepared and securely packaged for guests’ immediate consumption.




10. LH Privé dining Room

LH Privé dining RoomThe most exclusive district in Lagos is Ikoyi, where LH Privé is a membership-only club.  LH Privé was established in 2020 to serve Lagos’ most affluent customers, who are well-versed in and possess impeccable taste in fine seafood, wines, cigars, and an opulent way of life.



LAGOON RESTAURANTSLagoon Restaurant offers a multitude of options, including an Asian cuisine restaurant called Lagoon Terrace, a fusion steakhouse that serves French cuisine, a grill house called Churrasco, and a pastry house called Marcelino.




12. The Yellow Chilli Restaurant & Bar

The Yellow Chili RestaurantYellow Chilli delivers hot, fresh seafood meals as well as prepared with regional spice and pan-African cuisine at its eateries in Victoria and Ikeja. The goal of the restaurant is to conserve and promote the greatest aspects of Nigerian culinary traditions via top-notch eating.




Closing Thoughts on the Best Seafood Restaurants in Lagos


As the demand for high-quality seafood grows in Lagos, more eateries will start raising their game to provide marine platters that live up to expectations. Nigeria’s culinary culture holds a very special place for seafood because the country is known for its wonderful fish-cooking tradition. Don’t pass up the opportunity to dine at one of the best seafood restaurants in Lagos if you want to experience it for yourself. If you are genuinely knowledgeable about fish dishes, any of these restaurants will meet your high expectations!



Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Seafood Restaurants in Lagos


What kind of seafood is the best in Lagos?

Nigerians consume various fish, including tilapia, crayfish, croaker, salmon, mackerel (sardines), stockfish, and so on, in addition to catfish. Many of these fish, including stockfish, are imported since Nigerian seas do not contain them. Catfish is one the fish that is most often raised. This is so because it is a freshwater fish and can be started with very little money. 



What are the most expensive seafood restaurants in Lagos?

Some of the most expensive seafood restaurants in Lagos include:

  • The Yellow Chilli Restaurant & Bar
  • Lagoon Restaurant
  • Ocean Basket



How many seafood restaurants are in Lagos?

There are more than 100 restaurants serving seafood in Lagos. We have shortlisted, selecting only 12 of the best ones around.

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