15 Best Restaurants in Ikeja

15 Best Restaurants in Ikeja

In the southwestern region of Nigeria, you can find Ikeja, a residential and commercial town with shopping malls that is famous for its clean streets and calm environment. Not far from Lagos, both visitors and Nigerian locals like to enjoy a good meal in Ikeja’s excellent culinary spots. That’s why we have created this list of the best Restaurants in Ikeja, so you can also fall in love with the local un-and-coming food scene. We list 9 of the finest dining places, with mostly Asian cuisine variations for you to try out. We will also add some information on the place, the location, website and social media links (when available), and the type of cuisine they offer. Let’s jump right in!



Best Restaurants in Ikeja



1. Rhapsody’s Ikeja City Mall

Rhapsody's Ikeja City MallRhapsody’s provides a natural atmosphere that is lively yet effortless, simple yet delicious, and stylish yet relaxed. Cosmopolitan, upscale, and hip. Take a look at Rhapsody’s menu on its website below and tempt yourself with its delicious food.




2. Ocean Basket

Ocean BasketThis is a place to get generous portions of delicious seafood,  drizzled with irresistible creamy lemon sauce. Every dish is served with hospitality and, according to the owners, a little Mediterranean madness.




3. Tilapia & tinz African Signature Restaurant

Tilapia & tinz African Signature RestaurantTilapia & Tinz is an African Signature Restaurant that promotes healthy eating and a relaxation culture. With a menu that celebrates traditional African recipes, it offers a variety of seafood, white meat, and much more. 




4. The Orchid Bistro

The Orchid BistroThe Orchid Bistro is a small restaurant that serves delicious food in a lovely garden. They focus both on quality and quantity, keeping presentation as a priority as well. They source ingredients, flavors, and seasonings from around the world and combine them with fresh seasonal ingredients.




5. CUT Steakhouse

CUT SteakhouseFor all meat lovers out there, Cut Steakhouse is your place for the freshest and juiciest cuts in Ikeja. They are well-known for their tender beef, fine wines, and freshly baked brioche bread.




6. ZEN Garden

ZEN GardenZen Garden is a Chinese dining restaurant. They have VIP rooms, a conference room, and a banquet hall that can comfortably accommodate over 100 guests for private events such as company meetings, weddings, or private parties. The delicious food, beautiful decoration, and friendly staff make dining here a great experience. You can check the Zen Garden’s menu here.


  • Type of cuisine: Chinese
  • Location: ZEN Garden, G.R.A, No. 60 Isaac John St, Ikeja GRA 101233, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
  • ZEN Garden Website
  • Phone Number: +2348188157889



7. Grizzly Restaurant

Grizzly RestaurantThis is a Nigerian Restaurant serving a variety of extraordinary delectable dinners in a pleasant setting. The chefs provide a variety of both local and international foods. It is the place to go if you want to get a quick dinner or takeaway.




8. Bungalow Restaurant Ikeja

Bungalow Restaurant IkejaBungalow is a Mexican/Japanese restaurant with a cozy and relaxing ambiance. It offers various space areas and chairs to sit down and chill while food is served. There are rooms with dark lighting and others with natural lighting, giving you options. There is also a pub for nightlife.




9. Iyeru Okin Restaurant

Iyeru Okin RestaurantEnjoy a delicious and filling breakfast, lunch, or dinner at Radisson the Blu Hotel Lagos Ikeja’s Iyeru Okin Restaurant. Enjoy a delicious buffet meal in their open kitchen. An outdoor seating area is also available.


  • Type of cuisine: Buffet
  • Location: Iyeru Okin Restaurant, 38/40 Isaac John St, Ikeja GRA 100271, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Website: N/A
  • Phone Number: +2349087805555
  • Link to Facebook/Instagram: N/A



10. Yellow Chilli Restaurant & Bar

Yellow Chilli Restaurant & BarWith restaurants both in Victoria and Ikeja, Yellow Chilli offers hot, fresh gourmet meals as well as spicy local and pan-African dishes. The restaurant’s mission is to preserve and highlight the best of Nigerian culinary cultures through an excellent dining experience.




11. Rhodes BBQ Smokehouse

Rhodes BBQ SmokehouseIf you like traditional Southern Style American BBQ, you can eat it at Rhodes BBQ SmokeHouse. They slowly cook their meat for long periods of time at a low temperature using seasoned dry fruit and nut woods such as ash, apple, cherry, and hickory. This cooking method makes their barbecue unique in flavor, taste, aroma, color, and texture.




12. Rhapsody’s GRA Ikeja

Rhapsody's GRA IkejaIf you enjoyed Rhapsody’s in the Shopping Mall, you’ll be happy to know they have another restaurant in Ikeja. This is a new opportunity for you to enjoy a calm environment that is lively yet effortless, simple yet delicious, and stylish yet relaxed. 




13. Sunrice Chinese Restaurant

Sunrice Chinese RestaurantHere’s another delicious restaurant that had to make it to our list one more time. This traditional restaurant has been operating in Ikeja for over two decades and serves generous portions of traditional Chinese platters. We assure you will be satisfied, as their rations are ideal for those who like quantity. 


  • Type of cuisine: Chinese
  • Location: Sunrice Chinese Restaurant, 32 Aromire Ave, Oba Akran 101233, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Website: N/A
  • Phone Number: +2348175557222
  • Instagram: N/A



14. Alice Garden Restaurant

Alice Garden RestaurantIf you are a fan of “Alice in Wonderland”, then you must visit Alice Garden Restaurant. This refreshing and beautiful thematic place offers Chinese and Korean meals in a stylish ambiance that sends guests straight to Wonderland.




15. The Place

The PlaceThe Place is a proudly Nigerian company that serves typical local food all across Lagos. You can pay a visit to Ikeja’s branch and take the family and friends for dinner away from monotonous food and snacks. There are many options for you to choose from and enjoy their meals. 




Closing Thoughts on the Best Restaurants in Ikeja


Ikeja has many promising restaurants for anyone to try out. With options for everyone, this prominent Nigerian city has a lot to offer, so make sure to try as many as possible on the list. We are positive that you will instantly understand why locals call them the best restaurants in Ikeja as soon as you try any of the places’ dishes. As said, Ikeja’s culinary scene is quite vibrant, so any excuse is good to try out these restaurants and indulge yourself with their delectable food.



Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Restaurants in Ikeja


Is Ikeja safe?


In Lagos, Nigeria, Ikeja is typically regarded as a safe neighborhood to reside in and travel to. To guarantee personal safety, it is crucial to take the necessary precautions, as in any big city.


There is a sizable security presence in Ikeja because it is home to several important government institutions, such as the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, the Nigerian Air Force Headquarters, and the Lagos State Secretariat.


However, it is still crucial to driving carefully when in Ikeja, especially at night or in less populated places. Visitors are advised to stay away from having large sums of cash or valuables on them and to use authorized taxis or ride-sharing services when going solo.


It’s also important to note that Ikeja can experience heavy traffic, especially during rush hour, so travelers should make appropriate plans and pay attention to their surroundings when moving around the neighborhood. Overall, Ikeja in Lagos can be a safe and enjoyable location to visit or live in if appropriate precautions are taken.



Is Ikeja a good area to go to for lunch or dinner?

Yes, Ikeja in Lagos is a fantastic place to enjoy lunch or dinner. There are many different types of restaurants and eateries in the region, from inexpensive street food stands to upscale fine dining establishments.


International cuisines like Chinese, Indian, Lebanese, and Italian are available to tourists in Ikeja in addition to traditional Nigerian food. Terra Kulture, Yellow Chilli, Sky Restaurant & Lounge, and Bungalow Restaurant are some of Ikeja’s most well-known eateries.


Ikeja offers a wide variety of inexpensive dining choices, especially at neighborhood markets and food carts. Nigerian cuisine favorites like jollof rice, fried rice, suya, plantain, and pepper soup are available for tourists to taste.


Overall, Ikeja offers a wide variety of choices to suit all tastes and budgets, whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a fancy dinner.



How much does eating in Ikeja cost?

The price of food varies in Ikeja depending on the type of food, where it is located, and the quality of service. Ikeja’s mid-range restaurants typically charge between 2,500 and 5,000 Nigerian Naira for a dinner. (equivalent to approximately 6 to 12 US dollars).


Ikeja does, however, offer some more reasonably priced dining options, especially at neighborhood food stands and street food markets. For instance, a dish of jollof rice or a serving of suya from a street vendor might only cost 200–500 Nigerian Naira. (less than 2 US dollars).


The price of a meal at a high-end eatery in Ikeja, however, can go up to 10,000 Nigerian Naira (about $25 USD). It’s important to remember that prices can differ based on the particular dish and the portion amount.


Ikeja offers a variety of dining choices, from affordable street food to upscale dining, to suit a variety of budgets.

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